Hi there. Let me introduce myself.

I am a writer, producer, and educator based in New York City and Mexico, D.F. In a past life I worked as a community organizer in Springfield, Massachusetts.

My writing career began at age five with a protest letter to Milton Bradley; I was upset about the lack of female representation in board games. In response, the company sent me nothing more than a stock letter, but I was undeterred. I’ve been telling stories about social justice ever since.

Currently, I am a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storyteller in Mexico City, where I write for National Geographic Voices and am at work on a new bilingual podcast. The details are still a surprise, but I can tell you that the series will be about children, refugees, the global spread of fascism, and my grandmother.

I have produced podcasts and other digital media for WNYC, Panoply, the Pop Culture Collaborative, the independent podcast Data Stories, the Google News Lab, and the photographers Wendy Ewald and Fazal Sheikh.

I received my BA from Amherst College and my MA in Digital Media and Narrative Nonfiction from the CUNY Graduate Center. A native of Maine, I am gradually earning my stripes as a New Yorker.

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