Death, Sex & Money is the interview podcast from WNYC Studios. In 2015 Vulture named it the best podcast of the year. 

For over two years, I have helped the show produce episodes on student loan debt (which won a Webby), Planned Parenthood, disability, porn, addiction, autism, celibacy, and more. I've worked on interviews with guests including Gabourey Sidibe, Katie CouricEllen Burstyn and Gloria Steinem, Titus Burgess, and Holland Taylor. I've also edited live tapings including this one with Hari and Uma Kondabolu, this one with Kevin Bacon, and this one with Kevin Powell.

wonderland 3.jpg

Wonderland, a "master class" in culture change strategy, explores the connections between pop culture, human nature and social change. 

As editorial producer of Wonderland, I co-developed the show's pilot season, from pre-production through promotion.  

Data Stories is a podcast about data visualization hosted by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner. We cover topics including data ethics, literacy, journalism, storytelling, and analysis.

I have produced Data Stories since 2015.


Wealth Wits is the podcast powered by your financial behavior. Take the Wealth Wits quiz to find the podcast episode specially tailored to your age group and financial behavior.

In 2016, I produced Wealth Wits from soup to nuts for Panoply Studios.

In Here's The Thing, host Alec Baldwin talks with artists, policy makers and performers.

I've provided research and pre-production support on interviews with guests including Patti Smith, Grace Coddington, John Turturro, Robbie Robertson, and Howard Schultz.

Werk It is the only all-women podcasting festival on the planet.

For the 2016 Werk It festival, I provided research and pre-production assistance on this segment on interviewing techniques.