I have worked as an educator since I was a teenager, when I first taught Spanish at a local preschool.
In my mind, teaching is storytelling, and storytelling is teaching.


Zinc educational Services

As a tutor with Zinc, I have worked with over 50 students on Literature, History, Spanish, literacy, writing, and test prep.

I have also supported Zinc in a range of other roles: writing their SQL code for data analysis, producing their promotional video and audio, writing their computer science vocabulary terms, and co-leading a workshop on teaching Math.


City Tech OpenLab

As a City Tech OpenLab Community Facilitator from 2015 - 2016, I supervised a team of student bloggers, teaching them techniques for brand management and content development. While at the OpenLab, I also managed the Open Road blog.



New York Public Library

I was a Helen Gurley Brown Educational Fellow at the New York Public Library from 2014 - 2015, where I managed an arts-based youth program in the Bronx. When the kiddos said they wanted to write pop songs, I partnered with Latin Grammy-winning producers A&X to teach them how to do it.


Voces de la comunidad

In my past life, I was a community organizer. I co-founded the group Voces de la Comunidad/Voices of the Community in Springfield, Massachusetts. With Voces, I led popular-education workshops and community organizing trainings. You can read about our organizing work here.

For years I also co-facilitated a training series with the grassroots organization Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude.